Sinterklaas en de Tovenaar

December 02, 2016

Anne-Frank School Maastricht 

Muziek: Jessie van den Boorn
Teksten: Paul Fissette
Geluid: Chantal Brouwers
Film & Montage: Patrick Brouwers

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Oudervereniging Anne-Frank school



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Every seemingly unnoticeable detail matters. It's what makes making movies so beautiful and striking.

In each of my projects I try to evoke true emotions which are sometimes relatable to people's lives and experiences.

All my work is based on atmosphere, feeling and passion. It doesn't matter whether it involves directing, cinematography or editing. My work strives for harmony and unity.

I try to make my work as honest, real and personal as possible. With the bare "we've got nothing to hide" look, I hope to strike the right chord.